Getting started with your profile

As with a lot of things, getting started is often the most difficult part. We've tried our best to make your Manufacturing Network Business Profile as easy to navigate around and mange to avoid any learning curve. We still appreciate, what's intuitive to one, may not be to another. Particularly on different devices.

To get you started, just in case you haven't already seen our video showing you how to navigate your profile, here it is (if you have seen it, just skip on ahead).

So now you can navigate around your profile, it's time to start completing some sections. Filling in your profile could take as little as 30 minutes. Pages and pages of information are to be avoided, provide enough information and be succinct.

And remember you don't have to fill your profile in all at once. Come back to it later and update when you want.


Which Sections should you fill in first?

It's a good idea to prioritise two sections in particular:

  1. Company Details
  2. Processes

The reason behind this is that they control your visibility in the Manufacturing Network Search Engine. Meaning, without the required company details AND your processes, or capabilities selected you won't have the visibility you deserve.

Be sure to fill in the notes section at the bottom of the processes tab, here is where you can provide some more detail around the limitations of your process capability.

We would also seriously advise uploading your logo. We often find the most difficult part of this task is finding a version of high enough quality, as opposed to the act of uploading it. For more on uploading and preparing your logo for upload see our support article on How to: Upload your logo.


What's the next priority?

Beyond the company details and the processes tab we would advise you next complete:

  1. Volumes of Production
  2. Materials Processed
  3. Certifications
  4. Industries Served

These are the items that form the most part of your business profile. Again, be succinct, and try not to pad things out. Buyers and Engineers will both appreciate you for it!


I'm 20 minutes into the 30, what next?

OK, so you've filled in the vital parts of your profile. The next thing to do is take a look at the case studies and Team Members tabs. The same rule applies here, don't pad it out. If you want some inspiration and guidance on what to fill in these areas see our help articles on filling in the Team Members tab and writing case studies in 3 minutes flat.

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