How to: Get Your LinkedIn Profile URL for a Team Member Bio

Everybody who has a LinkedIn Profile has a unique URL or web address that you can type into the address bar in your browser and go directly to, and this can be really useful!


Now this URL can be in 2 forms;

  • A non-customised URL - it's full of numbers and letters at the end
  • A customised URL - you replace the numbers and letters with your name!


Whichever it is...go to LinkedIn and login then...

  1. Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
  2. Look for the link under your photo at the top of your profile. It will be an address that starts with “” or “”.


Including yours and your Team's Linkedin URL's helps build an even greater sense of experience and capability (not to mention you can see who's been looking at your Linkedin Profile aswell as your Manufacturing Network Profile!)

...allowing you to sniff out those sales opportunities that would have previously gone unnoticed...


Get Your Team to Send You The URLs 

Now all you need is for your team to send you their Linkedin URLs! Share this help article now to get them kick started.


Customise Your Linkedin URL

For information on how to customise your Linkedin URL so it includes your name instead of numbers of letters, see this help article from Linkedin


Start Creating Your Profiles Now

Ready to fill in a team member profile? Click here to go to the Team Members Tab of your Manufacturing Network Profile.

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