How to: Make The Most of The Notes Sections in Your Profile

Your Manufacturing Network Profile has a number of Notes Sections for you to to provide some additional detail about your business, capability and the way you work - it makes sense to use them wisely, but what does that mean?

Read on to find out...

What should I write?

Firstly - throw everything or anything you know about optimising your writing for the web out of the window - this information is for real people, not search engines!


Less is More

Don't feel the need to fill the space - short lists, with frequent headings to guide the reader are far better than blocks or paragraphs of text.

Make sure the information you provide is not just repeating the information you've already entered - for example if writing notes about materials you work with, don't just list the materials again in the notes (unless you're providing some more specific information)

As a guide, paragraphs should be no longer than 2-3 lines Maximum in the text box editor (when editing your profile in desktop view). 


Put Yourself in the Buyer or Engineers Shoes

Think about the questions you often get asked by your prospects and your customers - not just when you are selling, but also when you are delivering. Start with answering those questions in the relevant notes sections of your profile.

Don't just assume the Buyer or Engineer will understand some of the technical language you use - provide information for all technical levels within your target audience.


Sell Yourself!

Depending on your stance it either sounds obvious, or uncomfortable - either way, just remember you are trying to appeal to potential and existing customers.

We're not saying fill your notes with exclamation marks - punchy "one-liners" or a vast array of adjectives. We are saying - where appropriate, differentiate yourself, tell them why what you are offering is beneficial to them.


Use Examples

If you have an example of;

  • work you've performed for a customer or industry,
  • a project where you demonstrated the depth of your capability,
  • a problem you overcame with a customer through effective use of software or modelling techniques

Think about writing a Case Study and referring to it in your Notes Sections - this keeps your Notes Sections clean and uncluttered, whilst still providing your customers with a wealth of information.

(Case Studies are great ways of building credibility and demonstrating experience to existing and potential customers)


Keep Them Up-To-Date and existing customers will ask new questions, your business will develop new capabilities and forever improve - make sure you update your profile as your business evolves.


How do your Notes Sections compare? Think about implementing these guidelines and supercharge your Manufacturing Network Profile. Click here to go to your Dashboard Now.

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