How to: Prepare & Upload Your Logo

Your logo appears in a couple of key places. Of course on your profile, but also in the search results. The locations where your logo displays are square, allowing all shapes and sizes to display. However, there are some tips you can follow to make sure it displays at it's best.

Square is best

If you want to make the most of the space available a square logo works well. If your logo is similar in construction to the Manufacturing Network logo you can see how this is easily done.

From This:

Wide Logo

To This:

Square logo

Minimum Size 150px x 150px

It's best to size your logo at a minimum of 150px x 150px. If the logo is not square it's also best to ensure it is wider than it is tall. The basic reasoning behind this is that most logos are wider, so the system will always prioritise width over height, which could result in stretching in some older browsers.

If you've read any support articles relating to uploading or editing images, it won't surprise you that we're going to suggest Canva. It's a fantastic, free, simple online tool for editing images and creating really great imagery. It's also equally as viable to use something like powerpoint to edit and save your logo.

Canva allows you to specify the size of the template or canvas in pixels. This makes life quite easy when it comes to sizing your images for the web.


Accepted File Formats JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF

The system accepts the conventional file formats for web viewing. It may be possible that your company logo is provided in .SVG format. Although we don't support that file format, you can convert these easily using some online tools. Just search google for convert SVG to PNG or similar.


Uploading Your Logo

To upload your logo, go to the Company Details Tab and under Profile Logo, select choose file, as show below.

Upload Your Logo Here

Upload Your Logo Here

 Once you've selected your file, click save at the bottom of the page. (Note: The page will not save and you will be prompted to fill in the required fields on the page if you haven't already done so.)


And that's it...

If you have any problems with logo display, or even want us to help edit your logo for best viewing then please email us at we're here to help.

We'll do a periodic review of profiles as part of our quality audit systems. This is both automated and manual. If we spot any problems we'll reach out to you and try and solve the problem for you as quickly as possible. But if you do have a problem, don't wait, drop us an email.

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