How to: Save Searches, Review Them & Manage Them

So you've selected a combination of processes that you regularly search for, and you want to save the process selections. You're in luck, that's exactly what the "Saved Searches" function is for.


Saving a Search

Once you've selected your processes and clicked "Find Suppliers" you're presented with the results page. The "Save this Search" button is in the left hand menu, scroll down to bring it into view. We've highlighted it in the screenshot below.

Save Your Search

Once you've clicked this button, the search filters you chose on the Search page will be saved to your profile.

Straight after clicking "Save This Search" a notification will pop up saying the search has saved successfully. Dismiss it, and you can carry on about your searching!


Reviewing Your Saved Searches

To review your saved searches simply go to your account management section by clicking "My Profile" in the top right. Once at your account dashboard click the "Saved Searches" Tab as shown below.

Saved Searches Tab

Once you've clicked on the "Saved Searches" tab you'll be taken directly to the "Saved Searches" page. Here you can see the searches that you have previously saved, with some details; what the processes associated to the search are and when it was saved. These are highlighted in the screenshot below.

Saved Searches Tab Explanation

To review the results of your saved search simply click "View" next to the saved search, as shown in the screenshot below.

View Saved Searches

This will take you to the search results page with the processes from your saved searches selected.

This is a great way of keeping your finger on the pulse, with new suppliers building business profiles on Manufacturing Network you can see the very latest results as they get populated for your common searches.


Removing Your Saved Searches

This may be self explanatory by this point, simply clicking "Remove" next to the saved search on the "Saved Searches" tab removes the search. This is permanent removal, so make sure you want to remove it before clicking "Remove". This is shown below once again.

Remove Saved Search

And That's It...

Remember, you must be signed in to take advantage of this feature. If you click "Save This Search" on the search results page whilst not logged in, you will be prompted to login.

Have fun, let us know how you're finding this feature in the comments below.

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