How to: Select Your Processes or Capabilities

The processes you select define how you show up in the Manufacturing Network Search Engine. Unlike directories and other online profiles, our algorithm uses the difference between Core and Supplementary processes to help align search results with buyer requirements. Suppliers get genuine leads, buyers find capable suppliers, everyone wins.

If you don't yet know the difference between Core and Supplementary processes, it's worth checking out our support article. We will only cover it briefly here.


Step 1: Navigate to the Processes Tab

Navigate to the Processes Tab on in your account management area as shown below.

Step 1 on the Processes Tab

We also provide a brief reminder of the difference between Core and Supplementary capabilities on the processes tab.

  • Core capabilities are processes you would offer as standalone services
  • Supplementary Capabilities are processes you would offer only in addition to other Core capabilities.


Step 2: Explore The Process Tree

The process tree works like a typical folder structure within your PC. A single click expands the folder structure to reveal the processes beneath. The tree expands to 2 or 3 levels depending on the process family.

Step 2 on the Processes Tab

Processes can expand to the point where the yellow core and blue supplementary boxes appear. At this point the process is selectable. This is highlighted in the pink box in the screenshot above.


A single level on the process tree can be home to both processes that are selectable, and other processes which are still expandable. As you can see in the screenshot below; "Milling" is still expandable, whilst "Turn-Milling" is now selectable.

Step 3 on the Processes Tab

If you're unsure of the difference between process categories, or need a more detailed explanation, just click the "Information i". As you can see in the screenshots above, each process and category has an "i" next to the process name. Clicking this opens an "Info Box" like the one below.

Step 4 on the Processes Tab

Step 3: Selecting Processes

To select a process, simply expand the tree to find the required process, then click the radio button (white circle next to label) for either "Core" or "Supplementary".

Once a process is selected the radio button will fill black in colour, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 5 on the Processes Tab

To deselect a process you can either click the radio button once again, this removes the fill. Or you can remove it from your summary box. The summary box is shown in the pink box below. By clicking the "X" next to the process name, the process is removed from your list of processes.

Step 6 on the Processes Tab

It's also worth noting that the colour of the boxes surrounding the process names in the summary box indicate Core vs Supplementary capabilities. Yellow = Core, Blue = Supplementary.


Step 4: Finding Processes 

It's likely the first few processes will be easy to find, but the truth is we all call processes by different names. The Manufacturing Network Search Engine has been designed with varying process names in mind. Firstly we provide process explanations so you can check if a process is what you think it is.

We also provide a search function inside the search engine itself. If you scroll to the top of the processes tab you'll find the "Process Search" box. The search box is shown below in the pink box.

Step 7 on the Processes Tab

Using this search box you can search for processes as you would refer to them, or search for keywords like "Laser Cutting" to find all processes that involve Laser Cutting. The search engine recognises processes by their alternative names, therefore it will provide you with some suggestions.

The suggestions are presented in a pop-up like the one shown below. We did the example search from above, looking for "Laser Cutting" processes.

Step 8 on the Processes Tab

You can then find the process you require from the condensed list. Hovering over the "Information i" provides the process explanation available for the process. If you find the process you are looking for, simply click "Show in List". The Pop-up will close, the process tree will expand and the page will scroll the process into view. You can then select the process as a core or supplementary capability.

If you don't have luck in finding the process you were looking for you can click the "X" in the top right of the suggestions box and try again. Try altering your spelling, or just entering part of the word you are looking for.


Step 5: Save

Simply click "Save" or "Save and Next" at the bottom of the page and you're done. Your capabilities will be saved, and published to your live Manufacturing Network Business Profile.

You'll now be visible in the Manufacturing Network Search Engine, and our website robots will go to work checking your profile. It is required that you represent yourself accurately and honestly, in return you can select as many processes from the list as you require. Our automated and manual quality checking systems are designed to pick up inaccuracies, so we'll be in contact if we find anything.

If you're not sure if you've completed your processes tab correctly, or you're unsure before you start contact us. We can help you put together your profile (for free!) and make sure it's an accurate and powerful Business Profile.

Just reach out at


And that's it...

If you need to edit or update your capabilities at any time, simply return to the processes tab and edit your list of processes, then save.

Your processes tab also has a Notes section - be sure to fill it in with further detail about your processes. For more guidance see our article on how to get the most out of your notes sections.

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