How to: Shortlist a Company and use the Shortlist

The shortlisting feature allows you to build a list of suppliers who you can access quickly from your account management section. This means, when you find a supplier you want to save for later, you don't have to remember them or try and remember the search you performed. Simple.

So a shortlist could be anything, a temporary list, or a list of preferred suppliers, or a list of potential suppliers for a particular project. You're in control.


Saving and Removing a supplier on your shortlist

There are a couple of ways you can do this, but it's worth noting, you need to be logged in to shortlist a supplier.


On the Search Results Page

The first way is to click "Save To Shortlist" on the Search Results Page. There's a button next to each search result. This is great if you're skimming and just trying to narrow it down to a few suppliers quickly. See the screenshot below.

Save Supplier To Shortlist

If you choose to save a supplier to the shortlist, when they show up in the search results the "Save to Shortlist" button will appear in dark blue. The supplier will be highlighted in this manner regardless of where you chose to shortlist them.

This is a really useful feature, as if you are using the shortlist as a preferred supplier list you can recognise quickly where an existing supplier may be able to satisfy your requirement.

You can also remove a supplier from the shortlist by clicking the highlighted button, this removes the highlighting. Easy.


On the Supplier Profile

When on the Supplier Profile you'll find two large buttons in the header. One of which launches your email provider. The other is the shortlist button labelled as number two below.

Save To Shortlist In Profile

 Once the supplier is saved to your shortlist the button will appear as below.

Shortlist Button Profile

As with the search results page, if you click once again on this button, the supplier will be removed from your shortlist. 


Viewing Your Shortlist

Your shortlist can be viewed and used in a couple of places. Aside from having a highlighted button, you'll find your shortlist in your Account Management Section, and on the Search Results Page.


On the Search Results Page

In the left hand menu you'll find lot's of useful buttons and navigation. So it makes sense you'll find your shortlist here also. If you scroll down and click "View Shortlist", your shortlisted suppliers will appear in a list, as shown below.

View Saved Suppliers

You can go directly to a supplier profile by clicking on the supplier name from the list.


In Your Profile

Clicking "My Profile" in the top right hand corner navigates to your Account Management Section. From here, click on the "Shortlist" Tab as shown in the screenshot below. From here you can view and manage your shortlist.

Shortlist Tab

The controls are pretty self explanatory, but here it goes. To view a supplier profile, click "View" next to the supplier name, labelled as number 1 below. If you want to remove a supplier from your shortlist click "Remove", labelled as number 2 below.

View Or Remove Shortlist


And That's It...

Remember you have to be logged in for the shortlist to work. Most browsers will prompt you to login before successfully adding a supplier to the shortlist.

If you have any problems, or suggestions on how we could improve this feature let us know at


Let us know how you use the shortlist 

Do you use the shortlist in a particular way that works for you? Comment below with your use cases, and see if you can get some inspiration from others.

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