How to: Write a Great Introduction for Your Profile

We'll start with purpose, what is it your introduction needs to achieve and where will it display?

Your Introduction has two parts - the Introduction Title and the Introduction Notes


Introduction Title

Your introduction title will be displayed on the first page of your Manufacturing Network Business Profile. This means it's one of the first things your users see when they arrive at your profile.

(Note: As with the tagline, google and other search engines may choose to use your introduction title as the snippet they display below your business name in the major search engine results)


So what's it's purpose?

Unlike your tagline, the introduction is not trying to be a signpost standing out among others with similar capabilities. Instead your introduction can be the first step you take towards demonstrating personality and credibility.

However, like the tagline, this is a pretty important piece of content which deserves some attention and not be generic. Simply saying "Welcome to our business profile" isn't ideal...

But don't panic, here we go with another formula...


What's The Formula

Tie together a few of these to create a great introduction title

  • Number of years experience
  • Mention an industry if you specialise
  • Company Mantra or Philosophy
  • Your range of equipment
  • Your work hours - e.g. 24/7
  • Company Mission
  • Mention your product specialism - e.g. pressure vessels
  • Summarise your capabilities

Have a look through the results page and click on some profiles for some examples of other introduction titles.

If you already have a website, you may find the perfect Introduction title hidden in amongst your existing content. Just don't get lured in to a "Welcome" message!


Introduction Notes

Your introduction notes are there for you to build a picture of your business, how you work and how you will deliver to your customer.

Try not to "pad this out" - less is more. Telling the company history is not an ideal approach unless it helps explain how your business delivers value for the customer. A brief background helps build credibility, a detailed timeline loses their attention.


Embedding Videos

If you have a company video you can get this included in the introduction notes. To do this contact us at provide us with the link to the video, whether it's on Youtube, Vimeo or another, and we'll get it embedded into your introduction. It can take up to a few hours.


Contact us now for help with your introduction or embedding a business introduction video:

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