Knowledge Base: Guidance, Limitations and Content Standards

The Manufacturing Network Knowledge Base has been created to enhance the knowledge of Buyers, Engineers and those responsible for Sourcing in the Manufacturing Industry.

Knowledge Base articles are therefore primarily focused on delivering factual information, as opposed to self promotion. For example, if providing guidance on specifying a particular process, this should be written with the general approach as opposed to requirements specific to your business.

To make sure your article meets these requirements, when starting out make sure you know what question you are answering. Think of this question in terms of what the customer, buyer or engineer would be asking. This may be a series of questions. For example, in answering the question "What is 2D Laser cutting?" the article may contain a number of sub-questions. "What are the types of laser, and how does this impact the buyer?", "What are the alternatives to Laser Cutting?", "What Materials Can be Laser Cut?"

These are all valid questions that can be answered to help a buyer source more effectively, select the right process and purchase more accurately.


Promotion of your business is achieved through the Author Attribution

The Author of each Knowledge Base Article is displayed in the Knowledge Base, and when the articles are promoted within Social Media the article is also attributed. This means when buyers, engineers and sourcing professionals read your article, they gain high value information, attributing that knowledge, capability and understanding of the process to you, the Author.


Knowledge Base Article or Case Study?

Case Studies within your Supplier Capability Profile are designed for self-promotional articles. These Case Studies are visible to buyers, engineers and sourcing professionals who visit your Capability Profile. Case studies can be promoted on social media, in emails and other marketing medium to gain exposure and self promotion. 

If sharing on social media, be sure to tag or mention Manufacturing Network, our Twitter handle is @M_Network_UK


Content Standards

It goes without saying, Knowledge Base Articles must be of sufficient quality, where applicable references should be used and factually based. Articles shouldn't contain opinion, misleading information or be overly self-promotional.

For full content standards, see our terms of website use.


Ask us to Help

If you have an idea for a Knowledge Base article, create an outline or simply come up with a question you wish to answer and write some note about how you might answer it and submit it to us by pressing "Save" when creating a new article. Simply make sure you put "DRAFT" in space of the article title.

When we see your article, we'll get back to you and discuss getting the article off in the right direction. We're here to advise and help!

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