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The Aim

The aim of The Manufacturing Network Knowledge Base is to provide key information to buyers, engineers and designers - helping them resolve issues with;

  • Manufacturing Process Selection
  • Purchase Specification, and;
  • Design with process in mind
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Operation and management of the Design Process



So example articles could be;

"Why choose progressive die forming"

The article could go on to cover the capabilities of the progressive die forming, typical limitations, materials that can and can't be processed or what a designer should bare in mind when designing a component for the process.


"Drawing and specification requirements for twin-sheet thermoforming"

The article could cover what the drawing requirements are and key dimensional specification requirements are. Maybe key items that need to be specified on or off the drawing could be highlighted, providing an example purchase specification may help.


"Design Guide: CNC Tube Bending"

The article could cover the major considerations when choosing CNC tube bending as your manufacturing process, including how to get the most out of the process, what limits the process brings with it - even what limitations may exist for the different forms of CNC Tube Bending.


"Complying with the pressure equipment directive (PED)"

This article could cover anything from how to comply using a specific process, or range or processes. An overview of the legislation and it's impact on process selection, what you should consider when selecting a supplier etc. 


"PPAP process overview from a suppliers perspective"

The article could provide an overview of the PPAP process and the common problems faced by the supply chain, providing designers and buyers with helpful hints or actions they should take that could help the process flow smoothly.


Level of Detail

The list is almost endless - the above are just a few examples of articles.

With a highly varied level of knowledge amongst buyers, engineers and designers the level of detail in an article can be equally varied - from a high level overview of "what is Laser Cutting?" through to "Optimising your DFMEA process" all articles are of great value; enhancing and capturing the Engineering knowledge of the Network.


What's in it for me?

Buyers, Engineers and Designers are continuously looking for solutions - more often than not this starts with a search online. The Knowledge Base provides you with the opportunity to provide buyers, engineers and designers with advice early on in the design process, establishing yourself as an expert in your field and a front runner when it comes to supplier selection.

Building credibility and trust is a key part of any sales and marketing process - the Knowledge Base gives you with the opportunity to provide customers and potential customers with the information they need, when they need it - building trust and credibility.


Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions - or think you might have an article idea or draft you want to discuss, just drop us an email at we'll talk it through and try and get you published as soon as possible!


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