The Dashboard Explained

Your Dashboard - very much like your car dashboard gives you information about the current status. With messages, indicators and calls to action it can be a lot to take in so here's a bit of a guide.

Supplier Dashboard

How to get to your dashboard

You can navigate to your dashboard simply by logging into your account. If you've dismissed the introduction tab, the dashboard will be the first thing you're presented with.

You can navigate back to the dashboard at any point by clicking the Dashboard tab on the left when in the account management area. (To navigate back to the account area, just click "My Profile" in the top right.


What do the messages mean?

The messages are provided to give you guidance on which parts of your profile need filling in, and to keep you up to date with your trial and subscription status.

Each message has it's own description, guiding you on what you should do to dismiss the message.

By clicking on the buttons on the right of the messages for example "Fix This" you'll be taken to the part of the profile where you need to provide some details.


How to clear the messages

Messages about profile completion

The messages will stay on your dashboard until the part of your profile it is referring to is completed. As you complete each part of your profile the messages will steadily disappear.

Messages about subscription & payment

In much the same way as messages about completing your profile, subscription & payment messages are cleared by taking action. For example, if your payment details are due to expire, simply clicking on the message and entering new payment details on the subscription tab will clear the message.

The messages don't need to be cleared all at once, in the same way your profile doesn't need to completed all at once. The most important messages are marked with the warning triangle as shown below.

Dashboard Warning Message

See who's viewed your profile

If your profile has been viewed by a member of Manufacturing Network who is logged in you will be provided with their name, company name and profile image. This allows you to understand who's interested in your services, especially if they are continually in your "members who viewed your profile" list.

If a member has not viewed your profile this section of your dashboard will be minimised. Remember no member views doesn't mean no profile views. Your profile is optimised for Google and the other search engines, meaning you are getting visibility beyond the reach of the Manufacturing Network membership.

We work to bring in more high quality members every day, and in doing so we increase the visibility you have of those viewing your profile.


See who's shortlisted your profile

As with the Member Views, only members can shortlist your company. This basically means that you are added to a supplier shortlist that the buyer or engineer manages in their Manufacturing Network Profile.

Once again, if a member shortlists your company you'll get visibility of their name, company name and profile image. This allows you to see who's really interested in your services, and gives you prior warning to expect an enquiry. This may also provide you with the opportunity to reach out to the buyer or engineer, to understand how you may help.


Viewing Enquiries

When you get an enquiry through your Manufacturing Network business profile, you'll get an email with some detail. To view the enquiry, change it's status or delete it you can simply click on the enquiries tab, or click on the enquiries button on at the top of your dashboard, as shown here.

Enquiries Button

This button is actually in view regardless of whether you are on the dashboard tab, but it's handy to know!


Want to go to your dashboard now? Click here to go to your Manufacturing Network Dashboard.

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